ESP 32 fails to boot

Hello everybody,

i have a problem with my ESP32 that annoys me for a long time and i can´t figure out what the problem is. My Esp32 takes messurements, which works fine. When there is not enough voltage or current, the ESP32 shuts down (which is good) and only reboots when there is enough Power (that´s the plan). And there is the problem. Sometimes it reboots perfectly and sometimes it get´s stuck and nothing happens. The code seems to be fine, I don´t think that´s the problem, because when it boots i never had probems. Did anybody have the same issue in the past or knows what could be wrong with my ESP32? My idea is to implement a watchdog that reboots the ESP32 when it get´s stuck while rebooting. But I don´t know how to implement something that can do this job:/

I´m pretty much knew to codeing so pls don´t be angry if my question isn´t clear enough, i just don´t know what information could be helpful.

Many thanks

Thanks for your post. However, to maintain the value of this forum to FreeRTOS users we like to keep the subject matter specific to FreeRTOS rather than general embedded questions. I recommend posting your question to the Espressif forum.

Sorry, my bad. Thanks for the advice.