Err during compilation of MC9S12C32 demo app

nobody wrote on Tuesday, May 31, 2005:

During compilation using metrowerks, I am getting a link error stating "Was not able to find project file 19 (in link order, starting with 0) on disk" What does this mean and what should I do to correct this error.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, May 31, 2005:

Which is project file 19 on your system.  If you look in the project inspector there is a tab between "Files" and "Targets" that shows the "Link Order".  Counting from 0, the 19th in the link order on my system is CPU.c.

If this is the same on your system then CPU.c is one of the Processor Expert generated files.  It should be located in your FreeRTOS/Demo/HCS12_CodeWarrior/CODE directory (this directory is also created by the Processor Expert).  It must be that the project is looking in the wrong place for this directory.  File paths should be relative so I don’t know why this would be. 

Perhaps clicking “re-search for files” from the project menu will get it to sort itself out.  I’m not sure what this menu item does but it sounds like the right thing.