Embest Flash Programmer

apkistle wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2008:

I have an Embest ATEB40X board.  The same board that was used in the tutorial at the following URI.


The board came with a piece of software called, Embest Flash Programmer, as the tutorial says.  When I execute the software all of the features that might make it useful (Program, Verify, Checksum, Protect, Upload) are grayed-out.  After some investigation it seems like Embest wants me to register to use it for a price that cost more than the board.

Does anyone know if there is some trick (that is free) to make the software work?  Can anyone recommend other software?  It would be cheaper to buy a different dev-board, that was supported by free tools, than to register (and pay for) the Embest software… .

woops_ wrote on Thursday, April 24, 2008:

Look for SAM-BA and SAM-PROG on the Atmel WEB site. Free software to program AT91.