EFR32 Flex Gecko


I’m looking for a FreeRTOS port for Silicon Labs EFR32 (Flex Gecko) MCU.
I know that there are samples for the EFM32 but I couldn’t see any for the EFR.


The FreeRTOS kernel will run on any Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4/M4+/M7/M23/M33 parts because everything the kernel needs is part of the Cortex-M core itself. So in this case it should just be a matter of creating a project for the part, then bringing in the correct FreeRTOS source files. I see there are a few cores your part could have https://www.silabs.com/wireless/proprietary - if you let us know which core your part is using and which compiler you are using then we can let you know exactly which files to use. In the mean time the following links will be helpful:

It would be great if you could upload your project (with just the kernel running, nothing proprietary to you) once complete too.