Eclipse Task&Queue View Plugin

bizi4x wrote on Thursday, November 12, 2009:

Hi all,<BR>
is OpenRTOS Viewer plugin for eclipse also usable for FreeRTOS? If yes, then what is necessary to do to get it working? I just added Task and Queue tables from this plugin, but they’re still empty…<BR><BR>
If OpenRTOS Viewer plugin is not usable for FreeRTOS, is there any other way to get information about tasks and queues?

rtel wrote on Thursday, November 12, 2009:

It should work with both FreeRTOS and OpenRTOS.  However, there have been a few reports recently of problems.  It might be that there are problems with particular tool configurations as unfortunately we cannot test all possible Eclipse versions - but then it could also potentially be something in FreeRTOS V6 that is causing an issue.  Could you say which version of everything you are using - Eclipse, FreeRTOS and the plug-in.