Eclipse environment setup for AFRTOS on esp32 devkitC

I could able to successfully run AWS demo such as simple mqtt and OTA on the command line with the help of AWS documentation.

For the application development i am planning to use eclipse IDE on windows 10, what are the steps which i should follow to build, run, debug the afrtos application on the eclipse IDE.

I found there is a eclipse plugin avaliable for esp32 but it works with esp-idf 4.1 or above but afrtos uses idf 3.3

I couldn’t find proper documentation for setting up the environment.
Is it possible to update the afrtos to esp-idf 4.1

Is there any other ide which i can use for the application development other than eclipse ide?

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I too am unable to use the Eclipse IDE for Build, Run and Debug. I’m using the Eclipse IDE only as an Editor for writing my firmware in addition to code navigation and search operations. For everything else, I resort to the command line and leverage the debug prints for debugging.

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Hello @Radrud,

It is in our planning to support ESP-IDF >=4.1, but I cannot tell you when that will be completed.

FreeRTOS doesn’t currently have support with any other IDE for development of the Espressif project. The engineers in FreeRTOS typically update code using a text editor like Visual Studio Code and then use the command line to build and debug as is documented in the AWS documentation.

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Thanks for the response,
It seems we also have to follow the same approach as you mentioned.

But for debugging esp32 on eclipse using JTAG, you have any information. since debugging from command line will be very difficult.

please guide me in this , since i am new to aws free rtos on esp32

Hello @Radrud,

Instructions for setting up command line debugging with opencd can be found:

A quick google search links me to some common GDB commands, which I understand takes time to get used to when you are command line debugging:

I understand that you are looking for a UI to create breakpoints and steps through the code while seeing the code at the same time. Eclipse provides this for ANY openocd enabled debug configuration. You must follow first the instructions for the command line OpenOCD setup in the AWS docs I linked you first above. That way you have the configuration files and understand how things work using the command line. Eclipse will run similiar commands as the command line. Here is instructions from Eclipse on plugging in your OpenOCD configurations and the debug enabled application already built:

Thanks for the reference,

I will try setup my debugging environment with the help of those links.

Support of esp-idf >4.1 is greatly appreciated since espressif has developed plugin for eclipse ide and visual studio code which has build, flash, debug environment.

Thank you so much your site has nice content.

Hello. Were you able to accomplish the debugging on AWS FreeRTOS ESP32 with the User Interface on Eclipse?
If so, which version of AWS FreeRTOS ESP32 you used?. Thanks in advance.

Latest AWS FreeRTOS version worked for me, I have followed the espressif documentation for setting up debugging on eclipse and it worked

Hello. Thanks for replying. A few more questions:

Which version of AFR you choose to do the debugging? The one from master branch here GitHub - aws/amazon-freertos: IoT operating system for microcontrollers.?

FreeRTOS AWS Reference?

Which version of Eclipse you used?

I want to debug the AFR demos (CoreMQTT, OTA, wifi_provisioning) using the ESP-PROG debugger.

Thanks a lot for your help.

@Yoimer Apologies for letting your post go unanswered for so long. I believe Radrud was referring to espressif’s documentation at
Using Debugger - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide release-v4.2 documentation .

Please let us know if you need any assistance in working through this.

@PaulB-AWS, thanks for replying. Fortunately, I was able to integrate VS-Code with AWS FreeRTOS ESP32. Now I am able to use VS-Code as a full IDE for AWS FreeRTOS ESP32. Even the ESP-PROG probe works there fine using the OPENOCD software, that means we can make breakpoints and even step through the code, check variables etc. I took me a while, but it was quite worthy.
Stay safe. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Hello @Yoimer ,
Can you tell us what steps you followed to configure debug aws-freertos on vs code??