EAP Over LAN (802.1x authentication) using FreeRTOS on STM32F4

I want to add support of EAPOL(802.1x authentication) on stm32F4 controller using mbedTLS library and FreeRTOS.
Request to provide supplicant/client source code if available with anyone.

@SayaliG You might refer to the wpa_supplicant port by espressif which is BSD licensed. It looks like it is mainly targeting wifi rather than ethernet connections.

Alternatively, here is a link to the original wpa_supplicant project. Please do keep us updated as i’m sure other users on the forum have some interest here.

Dear PaulB: Thank you for sharing the links! As I am mainly focusing on EAP over LAN, I will definitely go through the other link that you have shared.

Please do let me know if anything should be edited in this post’s subject line so that more users can make use of this forum or add their inputs here.

Hi, Thanks for posting the query. Please try posting the same query to the mbedTLS forum as well, you may get more responses there.

Hi Subhranil, Yes you are right, the mbedTLS forum already has the query present, posted by someone. mbedTLS has said that “they do not supply the ports of Mbed TLS to different platforms and libraries.”

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