dynamic cgi

nobody wrote on Tuesday, December 06, 2005:

my probem is how dynamic cgi works:
at Folder fs and makefsdata it cally a funktion a, b or c in cgi.c.
e.g. it calls Statistics it wirtes how offten a testpage is opened by a user.  at cgi.c the author writes " the statistics data is written into the uip appdata buffer". So the funktions reads the buffer.
but my question is where the data is written into the buffer? And How it works?

nobody wrote on Tuesday, December 06, 2005:

To create a CGI function:

1/ in the uip/fs/cgi directory create your new cgi script file using the uip documented notation.  For example, to call cgi function ‘d’ use: “c d”.  You can copy the examples that are already there.

2/ in uip/cgi.c add your function name to the cgifunction cgitab structure.  The first function in the structure is function ‘a’, the second function ‘b’, the third function ‘c’, etc.

3/ In the same file write the function that generates the dynamic data.  Strings can be created using normal C functions (sprintf(), etc.).  To send the data simply call
uip_send( astring, strlen( astrin ) );

where astring is the string you created that contains the dynamic data.

4/ Run makefsdata then recompile your project.

nobody wrote on Wednesday, December 07, 2005:

it looks good. how you descripe i seems to be in cgi.c to.
i will try it after i fexed cygwin. makefsdata is not wirking anymore:" exec :makefsdata: not found"
it was working before i reinstalled windows.

But is it possible to read data form a webpage like getchar to the buffer?

nobody wrote on Wednesday, December 07, 2005:

i try to generate a counter for my dynamic.
this counter i allcate to astring.
So i hoped on the webpage it will appear a incrementing counter. ( i used refersh to refresh my webpage). but the only thing happend is the error led flashes…
where is my misstake?