Dual Booting FreeRTOS / Linux in AMP system

Not really a FreeRTOS question, but does anyone have a good tutorial on setting up a machine to dual boot FreeRTOS on one core and Linux other cores? The goal is to get the system up under FreeRTOS rapidly and then more features come online after the behemoth comes up.

The processor is an iMX8, with FreeRTOS running on a Cortex M7 and Linux on the A53s. My guess is I should be able to get uBoot to do this, but I don’t know it well enough to know how to do this. A pointer to a good tutorial would be appreciated.

OpenAMP is often used for communication between cores running Linux and cores running FreeRTOS. I would recommend looking for examples using that. For example, this has some information and links that may be helpful later in the pdf https://elinux.org/images/6/6e/AMP_-_Kynetics_ELC_2018_Portland.pdf - Xilinx are also a good source for examples. Not studied this pdf in particular, but docs like this, and examples provided by Linux probably provide how-to instructions https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/ug1186-zynq-openamp-gsg.pdf