Does FreeRTOS_TCP support integration with IPSec or other crypto solution?

If I want to add crypto on MCU network data transmission, what’s the suggestion solution? Is IPSec a good choice? is there any existing/or similar solution for that?


@xiaoyizhu : TLS is generally the most common way to encrypt data in transit. You can take a look at the coreHTTP and coreMQTT demos which use the mbedtls or wolfSSL libraries with FreeRTOS+TCP to establish a TLS connection and and access services via HTTP or MQTT in a secure manner.

You can also refer to the following transport interface implementations which setup TLS connections with wolfSSL and mbedtls respectively.

Another useful reference could also be the FreeRTOS STM32U5 IoT Reference Integration project which focuses on connecting to MQTT over TLS with the commonly used lwip ip stack.

Regarding IPSec, I’m not aware of any embedded oriented IPSec implementations.
Tunneling protocols like IPSec are usually not ideal for IoT applications due to the additional complexity, transmission overhead, and issues associated with NAT traversal.

Thanks a lot! I will study the coreHTTP & coreMQTT.