Documentation in pdf form?

nobody wrote on Saturday, March 05, 2005:

Hi all,

I have just started at looking at freeRTOS, and was wondering if the (comprehensive!) documentation exists in a pdf format anywhere. I’m an old paper fan!

If not, I would be happy to create it - if anyone things this will be of value elsewhere?

as a side note - has freeRTOS found its way into any known commercial products? I’m considering it for a commercial product.


nobody wrote on Saturday, March 05, 2005:

I forgot to say, great project!

I’ve just built my own ARM7 dev board using the LPC2106; I had your demo code running on it within 1 hour of soldering the last component on.

If only commercial products were that easy to use!

I’d be happy to produce some pdf documentation, although I see from previous posts that there are ‘several’ reasons why you dont have it. So if you would rather not have a contribution of pdf docuemntation, thats fine.



rtel wrote on Sunday, March 06, 2005:

Hi and thanks for your offer.

I used to offer a version of the html documentation suitable for installation on a local machine.  There was a very small charge for this, but the number of people willing to pay for it did not warrant the effort in maintaining two versions.  People used to email me and ask for it for free anyway which I thought was a bit cheeky since everything else was free, but normally I obliged.  I still have this documentation but it is a bit out of date now.  If you would like a copy send me an email.

I would prefer for now to keep the documentation online.  The documentation is quite fluid as FreeRTOS is updated regularly.  I would be interested in how you propose to do it though.  Do you have an automatic tool for converting html into pdf?

As for commercial products - without wanting to mention names without prior permission to do so, I know of projects using FreeRTOS ranging from automotive navigation systems to toy train sets.


nobody wrote on Sunday, March 06, 2005:

Thanks for the reply Richard.

with regards to producing pdf documentation, I use cutepdf. It works as a printer driver which I use with Microsoft word. Nothing is automatated, I was going to combine studying the online documentation with translating it to pdf.

I’d recommend cutepdf; It works flawlessly.

back to studying the code…