Do FreeRTOS supports DLT Logging

We need to use DLT in freeRTOS. Do FreeRTOS supports DLT logging?
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I have researched the Diagnostic Log and Trace (DLT) tool, but unfortunately, I could not find an existing solution specifically for the FreeRTOS environment. I came across an attempt by someone to integrate the dlt-daemon tool into FreeRTOS, as mentioned in this GitHub issue ([Question] Can the library work anywhere as long as the include files exist ? · Issue #138 · COVESA/dlt-daemon · GitHub), but it appears that the integration was not completed.

However, please feel free to reach out if you encounter any challenges during the integration process. We would be delighted to assist you and work together to find solutions to any problems that may arise.

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Yes, FreeRTOS supports DLT (Diagnostic Log and Trace) logging. DLT is a standardized logging and tracing framework commonly used in automotive and embedded systems development. FreeRTOS provides integration with DLT, allowing developers to log diagnostic information and trace events within their real-time operating system environment.

Hi @kevin,
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Is DLT the source code open source or licensed?
if it is open source can you please share the source?
Does it support DLT logging over ethernet (TCP/IP or UDP)?

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