DLT-Daemon integration with FreeRTOS

I need dlt-daemon for freertos, I’m trying with freeRTOS MSVC demo examples and tried creating a task that executes the dlt-daemon, I also tried different method but facing alot of errors

I want to know whether the dlt-daemon support for freeRTOS if yes, guide me through a detailed steps to configure or create project with dlt-daemon for freeRTOS

I am not aware of any pre-existing integration. We can try to help you in your integration effort if you describe the errors you are facing.

Hi @aggarg ,
Thank you for responding
I copied all the source files from dlt-daemon repo and included all the header files in the freeRTOS include dir, I created a freertos project with sample example to test for dlt-logging in which i included necessary dlt header files and i called the methodDlt_Init(), when i try to execute it encountering errors at the header files and some methods present in the dlt-common.h, dlt-user.h, dlt-type.h…
and also there are many unix headers in dlt source files will this header files support for freeRTOS…?

Thank you

It seems that you have a dependency on POSIX headers and it would likely require re-writing those parts to use FreeRTOS constructs instead. Depending on how much POSIX constructs are used, it may or may not be a small task.

Yeah some POSIX headers are used in dlt source code such as arpa/inet.h, termios.h, netinet/in.h etc,