Disable the FreeRTOS changes of the SysTick configuration

I have project with a STM32L073 Cortex-M0+ and power supply with a battery. To reduce the power consumption I use the configUSE_TICKLESS_IDLE configuration. The configuration of the MCU is generated with CubeMX.
For some timing I use a hardware timer (like TIM6) to generate a 1ms tick.
Now I will disable this timer and for this I will use the SysTick which also used for the HAL and for the FreeRTOS.
Now I have detect that FreeRTOS change the configuration of the SysTick during enter/leave the sleep mode.

I not so heapy about this. The ISR function is called to many times and with a verry short time. And the other 1ms tick functions are not working with the correct cycle time. So I will change this. I will only enable and disable the SysTick when enter/leave the sleep mode and no other functions use this tick.

Exists a solution for deactivation of the SysTick configuration changes from FreeRTOS, so that I can add the disable/enable of the SysTick in the function configPRE_SLEEP_PROCESSING/configPOST_SLEEP_PROCESSING?

Thanks for our help,

The code is implemented to allow you to replace the whole entry and exit from sleep mode code. That is because the tick interrupt can use any timer, it only defaults to use the SysTick timer. Entering very low power modes actually requires you to use something other than the SysTick because you can’t turn the SysTick off without also turning the core off.