Digital signal processing

I want to perform block based digital signal processing using stm32.So in this case what will be the advantage of using freertos compared to bare metal method.

Could you please explain how it will be performed using freertos.

DSP functions from ST are [RT]OS agnostic, meaning that they don’t know or care if they are running under an OS.

FreeRTOS is helpful in DSP applications because DSP applications often have real-time requirements. By prioritizing the task(s) doing DSP work, the developer can ensure the work gets done on time.

As Jeff said, simple computations are mostly independent of the operating environment, and a purely single task operation likely doesn’t gain any advantage from an RTOS.

On the other hand, a block based DSP system may well have multiple ‘tasks’ to perform, and may have very ‘real time’ requirements in the acquisition and sending of the block data and if both are going on at the same time, it is common to have one task gathering data, a second task sending data, and the a third task taking the data from the first, processing it, and sending that data to the second. Then many systems will add a ‘User Interface’ or some other control task at lower priority that manages these.

A decent RTOS will allow the first 3 tasks to work together to meet the real time demands of those tasks and allow them to not need to worry about the operation of the control task what can work off of the space cycles between block processing.

Okay.Thanks for your comment.