Data base with FreeRTOS (for Cortex M3)

I’m looking for a database package to integrate into my application.
I’m working on STM32 Cortex M3 with FreeRTOS.

Any recommendations?


There are some commercial options (eg). I’m not aware of open source options suitable for an M3.

Have you looked at SQLite?

SQLite seems to occupy too much RAM and code space…

I’m looking for a DataBase code package which can run on a Cortex M3 with 1MByte flash and 96Kbyte RAM.


SQLite is the lightest weight reasonably complete database routine I know. A database, by necessity, has a moderate amount of complexity.

Did you look at the compilation options to remove some of the features you don’t need?

If even that doesn’t work, you may need to define exactly what you DO need.

One big point is that a “database” by definition, normally needs some form of persistent memory store (aka “File System”) and that will unlikely fit in your 1 Mbyte flash program store (and processor flash often doesn’t have the needed endurance).