CycloneTCP HTTP Web Server Demo For STM32F207 using ATWINC1500 WiFi not working

i am using STM32F207 Microcontroller for Ethernet and Wifi(ATWINC1500) Interface with ide Keil Uv5, I have installed the CycloneTCP Tcp/Ip stack on top of it and everything compiles fine. CycloneTCP is a free, open-source library that implements a lot of protocols.

However, when I try one of the examples included with CycloneTCP for STM32F207, Compiled Fine, Access Point Successfully Created, also DHCP Server Working fine and I able to connect my lappy to that Access Point. But “HTTP Server not Working” .

But My Http Server Using LAN Interface(DP83848) Working fine, I am not getting the point where the piece of code misbehave.

Project Director is under :CycloneTCP_SSL_SSH_CRYPTO_Open_2_0_2\demo\atmel\samg55_xplained_pro\wifi_http_client_demo\keil

My Complete Code is Included in rar Format.

Is this a FreeRTOS question? I have no experience with CycloneTCP I’m afraid. Recommend getting support from the supplier.