Cyclictest - how to


Can anyone tell me if it is possible to run cyclictest in a x86_64?

I am new to FreeRTOS and I was looking for some information that could help me with this but until now I was not able to find any.


I’m not sure what you are asking. Is the x86_64 the host on which you are running QEMU or something else? Are you wanting to do this with an x86_64 port of FreeRTOS?

I would like to install FreeRTOS on a x86_64 machine and execute cyclictest to retrieve some latency measurements.

I am not sure if it is possible to port/use cyclictest with FreeRTOS or how to do it.

Are you saying you want the x86_64 machine to boot into FreeRTOS (rather than Windows, or Linux)? There are two x86 ports of FreeRTOS, one that requires DOS to start it (after which it replaces DOS), and separately an IA32 port that you can boot on something like a Quark. See here Separately you can use the Windows port, which runs FreeRTOS on Windows but is not real time so no good for cyclictest.

Are you saying you want the x86_64 machine to boot into FreeRTOS (rather than Windows, or Linux)?<


My doubt is if it is possible to port and run cyclictest with FreeRTOS.
I am not sure if FreeRTOS is linux based or not but I see that it is POSIX compliant. Maybe that would allow to execute cyclictest. This is just shot in the dark but maybe someone has the knowledge to easily clarify me.

The closest you will get is the IA32 port, which is not 64-bit. FreeRTOS is not Linux based and is not POSIX compliant. Although I still don’t have a full understanding of what you are wanting to do other than run cyclictest I suspect FreeRTOS is not suitable for your use.

It was the impression I got from here

I just wanted to take some latency measurements and compare against others which I already have (since they were taken in linux based systems I used cyclictest, and that is the only reason why I wanted to use it with freeRTOS)