Custom partition table location

How do you specify a custom partition table location? Thanks!


Can you provide more details to help us better answer the question ? Did you mean flash partition table configuration ? This depends on each of the boards, so could you specify which board you are using ?

Yes I referring to the flash partition table.

The board

I know its currently loaded from the following directory:


However, I would like to load one from within my project.

sdkconfig and menuconfig
As well, how could I do the same for the sdkconfig file?

  1. Can we change the location of the sdkconfig?
  2. Is it possible to get menuconfig to load the sdkconfig in the new location by default?


To load custom partition table for ESP2, you can run following from build folder:

make menuconfig -> Select "Partition Table" -> Select "Custom Partition CSV file" -> Give the path of your CSV file -> Save the configuration

Regarding sdkconfig and menuconfig:

Are you using CMake to build the project ? If so CMake will auto generate the sdkconfig in the build folder for you. It uses vendors/espressif/boards/esp32/aws_demos/sdkconfig.defaults file to generate the sdkconfig.

Is it necessary to change the location of sdkconfig if its autogenerated ?

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Thanks for the help regarding the partition table :slight_smile:


  1. So what’s the difference between the following?


  1. Yes I am using CMake and it does generate the sdkconfig but what if I want to change the location of both the files I mentioned in point number 1?

  2. menuconfig doesn’t load the following sdkconfig


but loads the one present in the build directory. How do I change this if I end up specifying my own sdkconfig?


vendors/espressif/boards/esp32/aws_demos/sdkconfig.defaults file is where you store the default configuration which will be always used.

Since you are using CMake, sdkconfig.defaults will be used to generate an sdkconfig in build folder every time a new build folder is configured.

You can change the location of sdkconfig.defaults file by giving the path to CMake with argument as -DIDF_SDKCONFIG_DEFAULTS=<path_to_your_sdkconfig_defaults>

More details can be found here.

3. menuconfig doesn’t load the following sdkconfig but loads the one present in the build directory. How do I change this if I end up specifying my own sdkconfig?
You don’t need to specify your own skdconfig as its generated always from sdkconfig.defaults.

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