cSemaphoregive/take is this API valid now ?

aeyes wrote on Tuesday, September 02, 2008:

I have seen in the coldfire port application that the semaphore APIs that are used are cSemaphoretake and cSemaphoregive , however I see that there are calls like xSemaphoregive and xSemaphoretake described in the FREERTOS user documentation are these one and the same ?have the APIs been modified, which one to use ?


rtel wrote on Tuesday, September 02, 2008:

The ‘x’ versions are the ones to use - and the ones documented.  ‘c’ is very old, some years or more.

If you are interested in the ColdFire port then there is a brand new port in the SVN download and documented here: http://www.freertos.org/ColdFire-RTOS-Port-Using-Eclipse.html - this will get included in the next release.