Create kernel objs before scheduler start

I noted this at RMv10.0.0: “Tasks can be created both before and after the scheduler has been started.” PAGE34.
what about other kernel objs, such as binaray semaphore, queue or others.
i want to do so with some FreeRTOS kernel objs, Is there any chance that “bad thing” or behavior occur.
I have no ideal to deal this, because i didn’t found similar words at RMV10.0.0 about it.

As far as I know, all FreeRTOS kernel objects can be created either before or after the scheduler starts. In fact, I try to create all my objects (queues, semaphores, muteness, timbre, etc) before starting the scheduler so I don’t need to worry in my tasks if they are available yet.

Thank you Mr. RD.
got it.