Cortex-M0+ core micro Issue with FreeRTOS integration

In that case, SysTick_Handler would probably be in the symbol table instead.

I’m curious if ticks are working correctly before you tell the debugger to reset the target, and after you tell the debugger to reset the target.

yes. I am seeing the ticks are getting increment before and after reset. Is there any way, I can have a webinar / Zoom call with you so that I will show you my code and you may understand it little better where I am missing.

No, I don’t have any experience with your tools (iSystem, etc). But if you post your project somewhere (github for example) I will look over it.

It seems like you’ve solved the problems related to FreeRTOS. Maybe getting tech support from the tool providers (iSystem, IAR, etc) is a good option.


I have checked with iSystem team about the reset issue and they mentioned that the version of the WinIDEA (GUI Tool for iSystem) is not tested for CM0+ core. They have given me new version and I have tested on the new version. Now,

  1. I am able to do reset.
  2. I am able to download the code.

Now I am observing following behavior.

  1. After download, if I hit RUN first time, then system is getting reset while executing the function “vPortStartFirstTask”. Then, if I hit RUN again, it is executing without any issue.

  2. While the code is running, if I do reset manually in the debugger and run the code, then it hangs in HardFault_handler (While executing the instruction CPSIE I ( Unmask interrupts).

  3. Again if I do reset, it’s getting reset at function “vPortStartFirstTask”. Then, if I hit RUN again, it is executing without any issue.

From now onward, Step 2 and 3 are continuously repeating.

I saw similar post in this forum. But I didn’t get the solution: