I am trying to build demo for CORTEX A9 Cyclone V SOC DK and got linker error for __CS3_interrupt_vector. I see the definition in cycloneV-dk-ram.ld file but do not know how to link this file in my project. I am using Arm Development Studio Ide which support Arm Compiler 6.

The demo is quite old so there may be tools issues in opening the project file itself, although the kernel’s port file is shared among different projects so that is good. The demo was originally created with GCC, rather than Arm Compiler 6. The GCC Cortex-M port compiles with Arm Compiler 6 (i.e. the LLVM compiler happily builds the GCC code) - but I’m not sure if I’ve tried the same with Cortex-A. Can you please post the compiler output.

I was able to compile the demo with some help from this community posts. I have one undefined symbol during the linking. The symbol is __cs3_interuupt_vector. The symbol is in cycloneV-dk-ram.ld file came with demo but i do not know how to include this file is Arm development studio environment. Do you still need compiler output?

Hi @bhavin1968

To confirm, compilation is fine but linking is still failing? Which version of Arm Development Studio are you using so I can try out the same configuration? There should be a place to edit the linker options, typically in project settings, wherein you should configure linkage of cycloneV-dk-ram.ld.

The symbol should be defined and linked from somewhere, if it’s needed for the demo, though some times project settings can change when using an IDE version different than what the demo targeted. The project may need updating to work with latest IDE.

Yes, Compilation is file. Linking has one undefined symbol “cs3_interrupt_vector”. This variable is defined in cycloneV-dk-ram.ld. I am just looking for help how to include this file during linking in ide environment. I am using Arm development studio for intel 2022. I also had used arm ds-5.29 version but could not find place to specify link file.

I am not sure you can use the same .ld file. But you should be able to export the same from scatter file. This section provides all the relevant details - Documentation – Arm Developer