Correct SPDX Licenses of 'portable (e.g. port.c)' files for ESP32 in Amazon FreeRTOS 202107?

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in my company we are evaluating Amazon FreeRTOS to be used in commercial products including ESP32 uP. Licensing terms of all modules are very important here. Actually I have seen that some files under ‘freertos_kernel/portable/ThirdParty/GCC/Xtensa_ESP32’ still have the ‘older’ GPL-2.0 WITH freertos-exception-2.0 licensing terms.

  1. Does anyone know if those files were just missed to be updated or shall it be like that?
    Nearly all other files (not only in Xtensa_ESP32) have updated license texts.

  2. Who does control those files, the community or Espressif company members?

BTW, we are using Amazon FreeRTOS version 202107.

Thanks for your help!

It looks like this is only the case in older versions in the Amazon repo. I just checked the latest version of Espressif’s IDF and see the header in that file has the MIT license:

Also, the version of the kernel brought in by the latest tagged release in the AWS git repo (see here:, also has the MIT license (see here:

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but you are looking in ThirdParty/XCC/Xtensa. I looked into GCC/Xtensa_ESP32. A build for our Wrover Board shows the usage of ‘port.c’ from GCC/Xtensa_ESP32 folder.

Hi, we are looking into a solution to this issue.

Hi @shortyHK232, thanks for reporting this.

I have created a PR to fix license headers for ESP32 port. Please check the following link:

Thank you all for updating this!