CoreJSON floating point numbers

I have a quick question.

Can I parse floating point variables with coreJSON? It should just be a case of getting the finding the corresponding token and using strtof() on the associated value string, correct?

You are exactly right. For a quick check, I added the following code to the coreJSON unit tests here:

    double val;
    jsonStatus = JSON_SearchT( JSON_DOC_VARIED_SCALARS,
                               &outType );
    printf( "Original Decimal Value: %.*s\n", ( int )outValueLength, outValue );
    val = strtod( outValue, NULL );
    printf( "Converted Decimal Value: %.8f\n", val );

And I get the following output:

Original Decimal Value: 109238.42091289
Converted Decimal Value: 109238.42091289