copiling fail

kevinmohu wrote on Wednesday, April 17, 2019:

Hi guys, i use Eclipse in Ubuntu 18.04, i wanna configure my enviroment to work with freeRTOS, i’ve achieved some step successfully, i compile my project for firts time, it works perfectly, my trouble is after the first attempt when i change someting into my code for example i delete a semicolon (:wink: or i write a wrong piece of code on purpose, the compiler doesn’t detect any error, it tells me everything is OK, and the same errors occur the in the next steps.

In “flah step”, it looks like as is i flashing my new code, but i realise i doesn’t work when i put “make monitor” and the information which is shown in console is not about the current code, is about the first code i compiled and flased.
I’d like to solve this problem, so i attach a .odt file where i wrote how i configured mi eclipse enviroment.

1)install toolchain
2)clone ESP-IDF
3)install Eclipse C/C++

Thanks in advance.
PDT: Look at that screenshot, i modified on purpose but according to compiler, there are no errors, but according to me, there are.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, April 17, 2019:

Hi - this sounds like a tools question, rather than a FreeRTOS question.
Recommend asking the question to wherever you obtained the tools.