comtest/serial demo for ATmega128

nobody wrote on Thursday, July 28, 2005:

I have been trying to get the demo code working on an atmega128 and I have succeeded at every point except for the function vAltStartComTestTasks.  LED 4 is blinking very rapidly indicating transmitting, but LED 5 is not blinking at all; and LED 7 is not blinking.  If I comment out the ErrorCheck for …ComTestTasks, then LED 7 will blink.  So all the other tasks are running fine.  (I have connected pins 2,3 on the DB-9 connector.)

I am not using an STK500 board and have the following questions concerning the instructions for porting to it:
1) What is being done when PORTD bits 0, 1 are connected to RS (what does RS mean?)?

2) What is being done when SPROG3 is connected to ISP6PIN? (Are these things I need to worry about; I am using an ATmega128 development board from PRLLC)

And then in comtest.c, the tasks vComTxTask and vComRxTask are created, but in all my searching of the source files and headers I cannot find where they are defined.  It seems these could play a very important role in the code or not much of one at all.  I see that at the beginning of comtest.c there are declarations:


with the two tasks being a parameter each time it is declared, but I am not quite understanding what is going on here. 

Thanks for any and all help,

nobody wrote on Wednesday, August 03, 2005:

I finally got everything up and running.  It was simply a matter of naming convention.  In Minimal/comtest.c I needed to change SIG_UART_RECV and SIG_UART_DATA to SIG_UART1_RECV and SIG_UART1_DATA.

Thanks again for the quick replies and the help