Compilation of FreeRTOS-MPU demo throws error

Hi, I’m experiencing some difficulties with the compilation of one of the demos in the FreeRTOS MPU version. Specifically, I’m trying to compile the “CORTEX_MPU_M3_NUCLEO_L152RE_GCC” project and, even if I followed the tutorial on how to import the project into an eclipse-based IDE, when I compile the project I get the following error:

STM32L152RETX_FLASH.ld:203 cannot move location counter backwards (from 0000000020004220 to 0000000020000200)

The line that throws the error is part of this block:

    /* FreeRTOS kernel data. */
    .privileged_data :
        . = ALIGN(4);
        _sdata = .;        /* Create a global symbol at data start. */
        . = ALIGN(4);
        /* Ensure that un-privileged data is placed after the region reserved
         * for privileged kernel data. */
        /* Note that dot (.) actually refers to the byte offset from the start
         * of the current section (.privileged_data in this case). As a result,
         * setting dot (.) to a value sets the size of the section. */
        . = __privileged_data_region_size__;  **//THIS LINE THROWS THE ERROR**
    } >RAM AT> FLASH

I’ve made sure to be using the ARM GCC compiler, other than that I ran out of ideas. If somebody can help me figure out what’s going on I would appreciate it!
Thanks in advance

I think that means you are using too much ram, and the linker can’t fit things into memory.

I guess that could be a reason, but on the other hand isn’t the demo supposed to be working out-of-the-box? It was designed for that specific board, so I don’t understand how is it possible that it throws such an error.
What could I do to reduce RAM usage?

Thank you for reporting this. It is fixed in this PR: Update the size of privileged data section by aggarg · Pull Request #639 · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS · GitHub