Compatibility with AMD Ryzen and usb c to ethernet adapter

Hi there,

I am an absolute beginner to freeRTOS to the point that I have not created my first application. I have an application that will require deterministic messages to an embedded device (most likely using ethernet but may use usb-c if freeRTOS has supporting libraries). I am looking at purchasing the Zephyrus G14 GA401QM-211.ZG14 tomorrow form best buy however I am not sure what limitations I have to consider with the freeRTOS library.

The two main question I think I need to address are:

First: is there any reason the freeRTOS+TCP would not work if using a usb-c to ethernet adapter. (not sure if the adapter is see differently on the hardware side or anything crazy that I am overlooking)

Second: is there any reason the freeRTOS library will not guarantee timing for an AMD processor (in this case the AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS).

If there are any other limitations you think I should be aware of, a heads up would be greatly appreciated as well.


AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS is not a natural target for FreeRTOS, which primarily targets microcontrollers. It does run on 64-bit ARM and smaller x86 parts, but doesn’t support the MMU.

Thank you for the reply rtel. It sounds like I may have to look into another solution. Ultimately, I am trying to make a version of or replacement to the functionality of something like tenasys’ inTime. Maybe that is a much more arduous task but tight time constraints are important and I want to be able to communicate with a visual studio winform or wpf application.

The big issue is that this class of machine is not designed to be ‘deterministic’ but just ‘fast’. Depending on what your deterministic requirements are, it may be quite possible with ‘conventional’ programming, maybe using a few special hooks to improve the determinism of the application, or it may be just impossible on that sort of OS.

The fact that you are even entertaining used a USB based Ethernet makes me think that your determinism requirements aren’t that strict, so conventional programming with ‘real-time’ extensions might work.

This is NOT the sort of machine that FreeRTOS is designed for. There are ‘emulator’ ports to sort of run programs on those platforms, but they do not provide the same sort of real time performance as on a microcontroller as the base OS just doesn’t provide the needed hooks.

inTime looks to be a Windows add-on that modifies Windows to provide a fraction of the system resources to a true Real-Time Scheduler. That is the sort of thing that would be needed for that sort of application, and NOT what FreeRTOS supplies.