Communication between cores

Hi there,
I am experimenting with the STM32H747i-Discovery board. I have found this example: by Richard Barry (Github: ), but it is written for the STM32H745 and I can’t get it to work on the STM32H747.
Any advice is highly appreciated!
Sorry, I had to remove all the links, since new users are not allowed to include links!

I just bumped your privileges so if you try and post the links again it should work this time.

Can you explain what you have tried and what the issues you are facing are.

Hi Barry, thanks a lot for your quick response. So here come the links.
I am working with this STM32H747 board.
I found a great example that really seems to meet my requirements here This is the related GitHub repository.
What really troubles me, is the definition of the different Threads and the Memory Management. I am fairly new to the STM32 world and I have learned to work with MX to do the basic settings and I appreciate the code generation feature. When trying to migrate the example from the STM32H745 to the STM32H747 I run into plenty of errors which come from those areas. I have the feeling, that the migration should be easy, since the two boards are very similar and I wonder if someone has already experience in migrating these kind of sketches.
By the way: I love the examples and they provide a great way to learn and get a “hands-on”.

You need to provide more details here - how you are migrating? What errors are you getting?