Communication between BLE edge device with aws cloud

Hi Support Team,

I am using STM32WB55 board as an edge device, Which only supports BLE. We see there are some demos(MQTT over BLE) available with FreeRTOS BLE Mobile SDK, but in our case gateway having Linux platform with wifi and BLE both.

Is there any method/solution to communicate with the AWS cloud via Linux gateway. We found some demos available using Android or IOS SDK. We want support for Linux based gateway instead of Android or IOS SDK.


MQTT over BLE demo uses a custom GATT service to transfer MQTT data over a BLE connection. It is used to serialize enough information from FreeRTOS to mobile SDKs so as to connect to broker (using IoT SDK) and forward the data between the device and cloud.

Currently the GATT service is only implemented only on IoS and Android SDK. Inorder for this to work on linux, you need to implement the GATT service on linux, and the capability to de-serialize and send message to cloud.