peter_balazovic wrote on Friday, January 07, 2011:

Hello guys,

I learn/work freeRTOS with ColdFire_MCF51CN128_CodeWarrior demo (freeRTOS v 6.1.0). I did some correction for myself in portable.h file I added following:

#include “…/…/Source/portable/CodeWarrior/ColdFire_V1/portmacro.h”

Moreover there is a need to add this define in setting of CodeWarrior project RTOSDemo.mcp->Language Settings->C/C++ Preprocessor


I think now it’s more correct.

Best regards,

davedoors wrote on Friday, January 07, 2011:

The definitions in portable.h are not normally used for recent ports and demos. They only exist for historic reasons. Now, the normal way of doing this is to include the path as part one of the projects include paths. So add …/…/Source/portable/CodeWarrior/ColdFire_V1/portmacro.h to the CodeWarrior include paths if it is not already there.