CMakeLists.txt not found and hence unable to flash the code

1- The following is the error when I try to flash the board with MinGW64.

C:\FreeRTOS\vendors\espressif\esp-idf\tools> flash -B C:\FreeRTOS\Builds
Note: You are using Python 3.8.2. Python 3 support is new, please report any problems you encounter. Search for ‘Setting the Python Interpreter’ in the ESP-IDF docs if you want to use Python 2.7.
Setting IDF_PATH environment variable: C:\FreeRTOS\vendors\espressif\esp-idf
Checking Python dependencies…
Python requirements from C:\FreeRTOS\vendors\espressif\esp-idf\requirements.txt are satisfied.
CMakeLists.txt not found in project directory C:\FreeRTOS\vendors\espressif\esp-idf\tools

2- I am getting a CMakeLists.txt error because apparently there is no CMakeLists.txt in the folder C:\FreeRTOS\vendors\espressif\esp-idf\tools
I have downloaded the ESP32 DevKit C from the official AWS SDK resources. The CMakeLists.txt is available in FreeRTOS folder but it is not present in the C:\FreeRTOS\vendors\espressif\esp-idf\tools folder. Due to this reason, I am not able to flash the code.

3- However the ESP flashing part: ./vendors/espressif/esp-idf/tools/ erase_flash -B build-directory works and the ESP is able to reset successfully.

4- Also the monitoring part: ./vendors/espressif/esp-idf/tools/ monitor -p /dev/ttyUSB1 -B build-directory does work partially too, It does not ask for a CMakeLists.

A Solution to this issue would be highly appreciated.

Hi @NikhilPatale,

Are you still having the problem after the solution here?

The ESP-IDF toolchain need to be carefully follow the getting start guide There are two things we know that people usually make a mistake. First, the IDF tool command has to be excuted from the FreeRTOS root directory. Second, the path shall not contain any space.

If you still have the problem, could you please let me know where did you get the FreeRTOS code? Clone from the github repo or get it from the AWS FreeRTOS console? And what version of the FreeRTOS and ESP-IDF your are using? ( We just upgraded the ESP-IDF toolchain to v4.2 on the master branch this morning. But the getting start guide has not been update yet. ). Then I can further help you look into this.

Thank you!