Client for testing FreeRTOS+UDP/FreeRTOS+CLI

plek324 wrote on Thursday, March 06, 2014:

Hi I’m trying to get FreeRTOS+UDP and FreeRTOS+CLI running on a RX63N.
So I wonder can anyone recommend a client for a Windows PC to talk to my device?
I allready tried Netcat, but my AV (Symantec) doesn’t like this.

rtel wrote on Thursday, March 06, 2014:

Do you have a Windows build of Netcat? If so, where did you get it from?

In your antivirus (presumably actually the firewall) does not like Netcat it will probably have similar objects to any tool you use. You can either configure Symantec to permit communication to and/or from Netcat, or alternatively disconnect your computer from the network or LAN (to ensure no unknown network traffic can communicate with your computer) then turn the firewall off and use FreeRTOS+UDP on a point to point connection. Don’t forget to turn your firewall back on again before you reconnect your computer to a network.

Our initial testing was done with echo clients to send to the target, and echo servers to receive and send to the client. It has also been tested in the filed in various applications, including of course FreeRTOS+Nabto.


plek324 wrote on Thursday, March 06, 2014:

I found Netcat here: via a link on the netcat page on wikipedia.

And no, it’s not the firewall, it’s the .exe that’s actually considered as a thread by Symantac.

But I found a better verion on the author’s site here: This one solves the AV problems.

And with this new version it actually works. Not only netcat, but also FreeRTOS+CLI on my device, so this is great :), I’m one step closer to evaluating FreeRTOS+Nabto now.