changing in xTaskGetTickCount() , is this safe ?

chaabanemalki wrote on Tuesday, December 09, 2014:


I’m using PIC 32MX, I changed xTaskGetTickCount() to :

TickType_t xTaskGetTickCount( void )
return xTickCount;

and xTaskGetTickCountFromISR( ) to

TickType_t xTaskGetTickCountFromISR( void )
TickType_t xReturn;
xReturn = xTickCount;
return xReturn;
My code doesn’t use interrupt nesting and i figure out that I can optimize this function little bit ?
Is this safe for freeRTOS.
for now, everything working just fine, with no errors.

Thank you

rtel wrote on Tuesday, December 09, 2014:

On a PIC32 that is fine - in fact the next release will change the critical section that surrounds reading the tick count to one that only has an effect when the tick count is read as two 16-bit or four 8-bit values.