Changed build order makes application crash

pellebk wrote on Tuesday, April 22, 2008:

I’m using the FreeRTOS demo application to setup a new project for the LM3S6965. When I changed the build (and link) order of the project, the application crashes FaultISR gets called very soon after that the scheduler is started.

The problem occurs when the FreeRTOS parts (queue, list, tasks, port and heap_2) are built (and passed to the linker) before the WEB server parts (uIP_Task, emac, httpd, httpd-cgi, httpd-fs and http-strings).

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

davedoors wrote on Tuesday, April 22, 2008:

Are you saying the application crashes when it is run, or that the application will not compile and link when you change the order. If it is that it will not compile can you say what the error is?

pellebk wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2008:

I’m saying that the demo application crashes right after the scheduler is started.

However, this only seems to be a problem when I use a bootloader.
I made a bootloader that branches to 0x4000, where I’ve put the application. The application runs as expected if I keep the build order of the demo project.