Cant create timer more than 10


I am using ESP32 , i am using version v4.0 of idf. I cant say abt freertos version.
But i have encountered on issue, i dont understand the problem is at my end or libraries.
I am trying to create Timers for my routine, i see that after 10 timer are created i get error for next. i have approx 100k heap remaining, i dont think memory is issue

is there a limit for max timers we can use ? is it modifiable ?

kindly help me in right direction

When in doubt (although it’s probably documented somewhere) it’s at the beginning of each FreeRTOS source / header file comment.
Find the FreeRTOS sources and lookup one of the files.
I guess you mean FreeRTOS timers and the error on create is that it returns NULL, right ?
That’s strange because the number of timers is not limited except by available (heap) memory requested by pvPortMalloc in xTimerCreate

If you have 100K heap left then there is no obvious reason why creating a timer would fail so I suggest stepping into the xTimerCreate() function in the debugger to see what goes wrong.