Can't able to run multiple python scripts with auto boot in rpi

Hello guys,

In my project, i have built whole working code for ADC reading and Displaying it with Nextion display. For data retrieving use a serial interface and USB stick.

  1. Here display code is too huge so i have created it as a one-python script.
  2. 2 ADC reading developed in one python script with threading concept.
  3. USB and serial interface is kept as one more python script with threading
  4. this is for testing a ADC data further this is very important and time based so i created another python script for this.

I don’t know is the correct way like creating multiple scripts and running with autoboot mode.

Actually, the problem is if I run three scripts it’s working fine. If I add one more script display gets stuck. and I can’t operate the display options.

So, please help me to get out of this.
Thank You.

Hi @_sagar,

I’m not sure you are in the right place. It seems like your issue is with raspberry pi’s autoboot feature. This forum is for FreeRTOS-related questions. If I’m misunderstanding and this is FreeRTOS-related please correct me and I would be happy to help. I would recommend turning to a raspberry pi-related forum or contact Nextion support.


As Jason pointed, this does not seem to be a FreeRTOS issue. I cam closing this one - feel free to open a new one if you need any help with FreeRTOS.