Cannot build CORTEX_A53_64-bit_UltraScale_MPSoC due to missing library

I downloaded FreeRTOS 202112.00 from the zip file.

I have followed the instructions for importing the demo application and building at RTOS-Xilinx-UltraScale_MPSoC_64-bit.html (I cannot link urls due to being a new user), but the build fails, because the tools path in the RTOSDemo_A53 project points to …/RTOSDemo_A53_bsp/psu_cortexa53_0/lib, and there is no lib directory within psu_cortexa53_0. There is include and libsrc, but no pre-built library directory.

Is there some additional download I am missing aside from what is downloaded in the zip file for “FreeRTOS 202112.00”?

I am using Xilinx Software Development Kit Release Version: 2019.1

I found some other instructions on a Xilinx wiki using Vitis that seem to work. I’d post the link, but new users can’t post links.

xilinx-wiki . atlassian . net/wiki/spaces/A/pages/18842141/FreeRTOS

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