Can I make voice call using Freertos Cellular lib


Can I make voice call using this library?
Is the library suitable for multiple cellular modems?
Are there any demos or examples that fulfill these requirements?

I would appreciate if you answer my questions.


Thank you for your interest in cellular library.

The cellular interface library only supports data plan control and voice call is not supported in the APIs. The cellular library can’t be used with multiple cellular modem ports. Most of the cellular modem ports also don’t support multiple instances. It is not suitable for a multiple cellular modems project.

Thanks for the information.

When I examine the library, I think it is suitable for making a voice call.

By adding the following response to the “pCellularUrcTokenWoPrefixTable” table and creating handler functions.

const char * CellularUrcTokenWoPrefixTable =

CellularAtParseTokenMap_t CellularUrcHandlerTable =
{ “BUSY”, Cellular_ProcessCallState },
{ “CONNECTED”, Cellular_ProcessCallState },
{ “DISCONNECTED”, Cellular_ProcessCallState },
{ “NO ANSWER”, Cellular_ProcessCallState },
{ “NO CARRIER”, Cellular_ProcessCallState }

What is your opinion, is it suitable ?

Hi doodle,

Can you share the AT command and URC sequence you use to make a voice call?
We can look into the information and discuss with you here.