Can Duplicate Files Be Removed From The Repo?

I’m pulling down the FreeRTOS+TCP source code using SVN on a case insensitive file system, and I noticed that in the following folder there are multiple copies of winbase.h and windows.h (one set with lower case w’s and one with capitol W’s):

All 4 files appear to be empty, and because there are duplicate files that differ only by case my file system can’t have both exist at the same time so I get continuous messages from SVN that the capitol ‘W’ versions of each are missing.

This doesn’t really break anything, it is just annoying.

PS>> I have also noticed that the file in the FreeRTOS+FAT repo also seems redundant, and will cause issues if you try to tell a compiler to compile all .c files in the folder since it has conflicting definitions for the functions in ff_locking.c.

There was some discussion about this internally recently - something to do with file being checked in from a Mac with its file system set in a certain way - let me find out for you.

Hello, I checked with our CI team. Those files are for build testing purpose. And the “W” version is not used. It is fixed by this PR . Thank you!