Can coreMQTT be used with uIP TCP/IP stack?


I have FreeRTOSv202011. Device is LPC1768/9. And I develop in IAR.

There is only “uIP TCP/IP stack” example source code with my LPC1768/9 device.
It compiles OK. The web interface works nice and easy as well.

So, the question is, since the library (coreMQTT) is decoupled from the underlying network drivers (mentioned in the documents), how can I use coreMQTT with that “uIP TCP/IP stack”?
Is there any example for that or how can I do that myself?
This one gives tons of errors. It is probably including FreeRTOS+TCP bit and pieces:
Example link

Note that: It is unfortunate that FreeRTOS+TCP doesn’t have an example with my device. it is therefore not an option unless you have one.

Thank you.

We have just removed all uIP examples from our repo as they were very old and a recently published report highlighted vulnerabilities in the stack. I would recommend either using FreeRTOS+TCP, in which case there are already transport interfaces published you can use with coreMQTT, or alternatively get the NXP tools to create you a FreeRTOS project with lwIP and then add in the coreMQTT library.

Yeah, I can understand that. I know uIP is outdated. However, there is not much option at a quick look. As far as I can see here in this forum, It’s been quite a while people keep looking a result/example for LPC1768 with FreeRTOS+TCP. Apparently it is still not happening.

Besides, even if I want to change my device something recent and working with FreeRTOS+TCP, I can’t see in the demos folder. I could only see it on that link.

Thanks anyway.