C++ based framework for freeRTOS - with demo

jstoezel wrote on Friday, August 13, 2010:


I have created an article that presents a C++ framework that runs on top of freeRTOS. Using less than 20 lines of code, it enables the creation of periodic and aperiodic tasks, with limited overhead, limited RAM/ROM footprint. No hardware configuration is necessary!

Following Richard’s advice, I have added added an entry in the freeRTOS interactive forums: http://interactive.freertos.org/forums/104360-nxp

The article and demo code are also available here: http://sites.google.com/site/logodynamite/project-updates/part1agenericcbasedframeworkforrealtimemultitaskingembeddedsystems

I have provided demo code for WinArm (Rowley’s version is coming…) that blinks the logomaticv2 board (LPC2148 based) status LEDs, from 2 tasks. One is periodic (activates at a fixed rate, with minimum jitter). The other task is activated by commands from the periodic task. The demo code comes with a configurable logging library that allows real time reporting/debugging of events through serial port 0.
Much nicer to debug an issue when your program tells you what’s wrong with it!

Hope this helps anybody running C++ in freeRTOS, on a Logomatic/Uberboard/LPC2000.

Questions, recommendations and bug reports are welcome.


edwards3 wrote on Wednesday, August 18, 2010:

That is a good idea. I like it (although not tried using it yet).