Building RISC-V RTOSDemo on Freedom Studio

I’m trying to just build the RTOSDemo on Freedom Studio, and it won’t build because “Program ‘make’ not found in PATH”. I’m using Windows, and my current path is:


Do I need to download Cygwin or MinGW to compile the project?

Is this the project you are trying to build?

Hi Richard. Yes it is! I can’t figure out what I should specifically set my path to besides the default to be honest.

I just looked in my Freedom Studio installation and found make.exe in C:\devtools\FreedomStudio-2019-08-2-win64\SiFive\msys64-1.0.0-2019.05.2\usr\bin - do you have that directory in your path? It might be that it doesn’t need to be in your Windows path but some how linked to in the Freedom Studio project.