Building API for running Generated C Code on FreeRTOS

Hello everyone,

I have a project where we are required to run generated C Code on FreeRTOS.
The C Code itself is generated by another compiler for which we don’t need to go into detail.
But we may assume its a vanila C Code
The main purpose of the API is to run this C Code in a unique Task/Thread in FreeRTOS taking care of I/Os & Ethernet ports mappings, triggering tasks and memory protection units & other basic functions
Since we think the only obvious way to do that is to do that manuelly

What i want to know by this topic is that : Is there any such API already existing? or a closer to that? just to not re-invent the wheel.

Thank you

I am not sure I understand completely but you should be able to call any C function from a FreeRTOS task. Are you facing any problem in doing that?