Building a managed project

grumpy1234 wrote on Tuesday, September 18, 2007:

Hi everyone
I’m just working around with the web server demo with eclipse using the mcb2300 board. Now I’m strugling trying to build a managed project instead of using the makefile. Also, I won’t use the thumb mode.
At the moment i can build the demo as a managed project, I can download it to the lpc2368, but it doesn’t run. It seems that the system crashes after the scheduler started. Could it be that something went wrong with my project properties?

davedoors wrote on Tuesday, September 18, 2007:

What changes did you make to switch from Thumb to Arm modes?  You have to change the compile time options, and ensure THUMB_INTERWORK is not defined (remove the -DTHUMB_INTERWORK from the command line.

Are you calling main from Supervisor mode?

grumpy1234 wrote on Wednesday, September 19, 2007:

THUMB_INTERWORK isn’t defined. I removed it from the project properties.
I don’t know if I understand that right, but in which mode I call main is defined in the boot.s file. This file I didn’t chance at all.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, September 19, 2007:

Yes - if you have not changed the startup code then you should be still calling main() from Supervisor mode (on the assumption you are basing your application on the demo application).

To run in ARM mode you should remove the THUMB_INTERWORK definition (as you have), and remove the -mthumb-interwork and -mthumb options from the makefile. 

If you look at the LPC2106/GCC demo directory you will see 4 batch files that are used to compile for ARM/THUMB/ROM/RAM builds.  These batch files setup some environment variables.  Look in the source code and makefile to see how the environment variables alter the build.


grumpy1234 wrote on Thursday, September 27, 2007:

Thanks for all the help.
It looks like my problem was a completly different. My project settings were ok, but I didn’t check the errata sheet.
When I changed the MAM from mode 2 to 0 the freeRTOS demo works well on my board.