Build issue for ESP32 freeRTOS demo code in Eclipse for ESP-IDF

I am trying to build freeRTOS demo example in Eclipse but getting following errors in build

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:53 (message):
Board is not supported:vendor .board
–configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

cmake --build – -v
ninja:error:loading ‘’: The system cannot find the file specified.

Can I get help to resolve these errors?

I can only reply with questions.

Is this related to Eclipse? Or do you get the same issue when using the command line.

Which code are you trying to build? Where did you get it from.

Did you create the cmake files yourself, or are you using something we provide?

I did not try with command line. I am trying to build sample code in Eclipse with ESP-IDF plugin installed in it.
Code downloaded from
https: //github .com/aws/amazon-freertos

Our getting started guide suggests to use command line and I am not sure if your Eclipse setup will work.

However, if you want to use Eclipse IDF, can you try the code in this labs repo - GitHub - FreeRTOS/Labs-Project-Espressif-Demos. This repo currently only contains Delta Over-the-Air Updates Demo but adding the MQTT demo should not be much difficult.