Build Configuration

I would like to configure FreeRTOS for a new PowerPC target. I see nothing that details how
to configure a build. I’ve looked at the Demo tree, and the builds are configured for specific
development environments and specific targets with no true “Makefile” present. I need to configure
a build that will build with the GNU tool chain. Any information that would help me create a
Makefile would be appreciated.

Which PPC core are you using.

Regarding files to build, you will find some information in the book, also here, and maybe this would help although not specifically for a makefile.

Some of these are using makefiles too:

Right now I’m working with a power8 core. I’ll take a look at your link.



I think I found enough information to be dangerous. I decided to start with a Xilinx PPC405 port
as a beginning. However, there appear to be a number of header files that want to be pulled in
but don’t exist. After some searching, it appears that they are part of a Xilinx SDK, but that
doesn’t appear to be available for download. Is that a prerequisite for building the RTOS?

That particular demo was using a PPC on an FPGA - to build it you needed the Xilinx tools as there were three projects - the FPGA design (first project), from which a custom software BSP is created (second project), which was then used by the application code (third project, and the project that contained the FreeRTOS source code).

Which definitions are you missing? They may be Xilinx specifics rather than PPC specifics.

There are just a lot of header files missing, and presumably .c files as well. It would be nice to be able

to get it to build before trying to customize it for a new target. As they stand, those examples don’t

do a lot of good. It’s hard to know what to remove from the build without breaking everything. A known

working BSP to build against would go a long way toward getting a new configuration put together.