Bootloader running FreeRTOS is it a good idea?

unknowcoder wrote on Thursday, August 30, 2018:


I am thinking of building my bootloader using FreeRTOS mainly because it will speed up development significantly because I can reuse alot of my main application code.
How many of you have built a bootloader using FreeRTOS.

Most bootloader which I have used/designed before were all baremetal and I’ve always felt a bootloader must be baremetal for stability reasons.

So just wondering how many person have done this before?

heinbali01 wrote on Thursday, August 30, 2018:

Hi, there is at least one person who developed a bootloader that uses FreeRTOS :slight_smile:
I used FreeRTOS just because FreeRTOS+TCP needs it. I enabled UDP only, so the TCP/IP library remains very small.
And well, the FreeRTOS kernel is known for it’s small code.
No worries about RAM, because the bootloader can use as much RAM as the application does.
When using gcc, consider using the compiler option -ffunction-sections: code that is never called, will not be included into the image.
Often, my application can upgrade the bootloader, so both the application and the bootloader can be upgraded ( either by USB, serial or the network ).