Blocked Microcontroler by a new task

fabianwork wrote on Wednesday, October 21, 2009:

Hello !

I’m working on a Freescale microcontroler : Coldfire MCF5213
We’ve set up on it the FreeRTOS v3.2.0
Everything work fine but when we try to implement a new task, we can build it and send it but when we start the ColdFire nothing happen. We already have 8 task implemented like this :
xTaskCreate( Rxcom,"1",512,NULL,tskIDLE_PRIORITY+2, NULL );
xTaskCreate( Asser,"2",740,NULL,tskIDLE_PRIORITY+3,NULL ); xTaskCreate( AsserGP,"3",512,NULL, tskIDLE_PRIORITY+5,NULL ); xTaskCreate( AffichEr,"4",256,NULL,tskIDLE_PRIORITY+6,NULL ); xTaskCreate( vitesse, "5",256,NULL,tskIDLE_PRIORITY+7,NULL ); xTaskCreate( Analog,"6",256, NULL,tskIDLE_PRIORITY+8, NULL ); xTaskCreate( ComGP,"7",512, NULL,tskIDLE_PRIORITY+4,NULL );
xTaskCreate( ComCI, "8",512, NULL, tskIDLE_PRIORITY+4, NULL );
Normally, the memory should not be full, we’ve counted all the memory code, but how can we check that on the microcontroler?
Thank you for the answer you can provide to me!


edwards3 wrote on Wednesday, October 21, 2009:

Wow that is a really old version of FreeRTOS. I would recommend using something newer, like V6 which contains a function to query the free heap space plus a whole bunch of tracing features.